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Prodimed mindig keresi az új Prodimed Partners! Kínál a Prodimed -tisztítási Program hasznos lehet híd, vagy kiegészítő terápia segíti az ügyfelek lefogy hatékony, eredményes és biztonságos módon. Termékeink & programot kombinálják a felügyelet, iránymutatás és táplálkozási szakértői. Ön GP, tanácsadó, orvos, dietetikus, dietetikus, Fogyás tanácsadó dolgozik egy gyakorlat vagy klinika? Akkor forduljon hozzánk további információért!

Kérem, küldjenek tájékoztatót

Expert guidance
The Prodimed Treatment Programme is medically and scientifically based and therefore demands a high level of nutritional knowledge and communicative skills. When starting up as a Prodimed Partner you can count on our sound expert support. We provide complementary training, during which we will make you a specialist in our protein based diet. After this training, Prodimed will continue to support you without any yearly fees or extra costs.

Professional support
As a recognised Prodimed Partner all your needs will be fully met. To keep your clients well informed you can expect an extensive and completely free documentation pack, giving clear and simple instructions to your clients to maximise compliance with the programme. In addition, Prodimed also provides marketing support and you can personalise leaflets, posters, displays, advertising materials, visuals.....and naturally, your practice will be listed free of charge on our international website.

No investment, no risk
You don't have to make any investment yourself to become a Prodimed Partner. Training & documentation are all freely provided. As a result, you don't have to take any unnecessary risks. Even if after a time you decide to stop working with the Prodimed Treatment Programme, for whatever reason, we will take back your stock (well within use by dates) and credit you their worth. Prodimed Partners can order online through our 24 hour Webshop, and all orders are processed the next working day and delivered to you by courier with 48 hours weekdays.

Clearly better!
In short, the Prodimed Treatment Programme is the perfect addition to your practice or institution. A high quality medical weight loss programme combined with weekly consultations leading to long term nutritional and lifestyle changes for your clients!

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